Put your website hosting on a new year diet


We’re already 14 days into the year 2011, but it’s not too late to put your website on a diet! Making your website leaner will help you rank better in the search engines and keep your site secure.

Out with the old

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It can be boring going back to existing pages and code when all you want to do is plough ahead with fresh content. However reviewing your existing content is a necessary task which can even be inspiring once you get into it.( honest!)

Delete, delete, delete!!!!!
Get shot of those themes and plugins you aren’t using. this will help you keep your website secure as well as freeing up valuable space.

It’s worth checking through your content as well; deleting, redirecting and amalgamating pages can help you improve visitor experience, cut down on your sitemap and ensure you keep organised. Just be careful you don’t leave a trail of 404s or delete pages important for SEO purposes, and back up your website before going on a deleting spree just i

Sort out your scripts and stylesheets
Put all your CSS into one file when possible to improve page speed and cut down on the number of files you have. If you have any JavaScript on your site, it’s also worth going through pages and includes to remove any lines of code no longer in use. Also delete any additional files (such as images) that are used by/associated with the scripts as well. Another important tip is to where possible include your JavaScript at the bottom of the page rather than the top to increase page speed.

In with the new


Planning your content in advance will save a lot of hassle, especially if you work with other people. Organisational tools such as Workflowy and Remember the Milk are ideal for keeping track of what needs doing and what you’ve completed.

If you’re outsourcing any design or content, then planning at least two or three months ahead can also have a positive impact on your budget. If you do all your own design and content, then create a schedule with deadlines to maximise your use of time and help you stay motivated.

If you have pages of your website which are outdated but still provide SEO value, then consider what content you can add to give them new value, or how to best refer visitors to the important core pages of your site.


Most of all enjoy  2011 and eat more fruit !!

The Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns technique is a popular name for a type of effect used in video production from still imagery.

We recently used this in a new site http://www.coffrage-isolant-france.com/coffrage_isolant_beton_proprietaires.aspx

We used this with little regard of the history or orgin of the name. Our decison was based purely on the visual effect.

The Ken Burns Effect, named after the American documentary maker Ken Burns, is the technique of embedding still photographs in movies, displayed with slow zooming and panning effects, and fading transitions between them. The zooming and panning across photographs gives the feeling of motion, and keeps the viewer visually entertained.