Rightmove UK v3.0 XML datafeed -latest project for a property company

Just wanted to update you on our latest Project  for a Property company.

This project is related to the Rightmove UK v3.0 datafeed.

We are building a Windows service will extract data from a property table in our database, construct a Rightmove v3.0 BLM file (delimited text file) and package this with images referenced in the table to a ZIP file and deploy to a folder ready for transport to the RightMove FTP site.

The service will be configurable on:

1. The number of packages that are created for deployment ie there may be multiple locations we wish to send the BLM+image package
2. How often and when the service runs each day.

Deliverables include:

1. Windows installer for service
2. Full instructions for use
3. Fully annotated source code and build instructions

To assist future development, C# is the preferred language, and VS 2010 ASP.net the very latest version of ASP.net  is being used.

Update:!!! attcahed is the documentation we produced for this service

chwet RightMove Export Service V1.0.docx (20.19 kb)