Front end Developer and JavaScript expert?


Frontend Developer and JavaScript expert?

If you are a JavaScript (HTML5, CSS3, Jquery) developer who is always exploring specific techniques, strategies and solutions in order to develop robust, cross browser JavaScript code then we really need to hear from you.



We are looking for a frontend developer (ideally senior) with extensive JavaScript experience to work with a new and exciting game changing Start-up. Launching later his year with significant television and media exposure this is the chance to get in at the start of something that will be big.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a company where there is excellent scope for growth and career progression. In addition this is an exciting and challenging project with a talented and diverse team where there is never a dull moment.



You know a number of JavaScript libraries

You also stay up to date with new JavaScript developments

You understand those JavaScript libraries

You can build your own JavaScript library from scratch

Oh and we need HTML5 & CSS3 but of course this comes naturally ;)

As a frontend developer you will be building and implementing high quality user interfaces.  Ideally you can review and influence on-going client-side design, architecture, standards and methods.


Desired Skills & Experience

Understanding of JavaScript libraries and ability to write your own JavaScript code

Skills to deliver robust, cross browser JavaScript code

Hand coding XHTML


Mobile HTML

Javascript expert. Jquery, Prototype, Dojo or similar




Beneficial C sharp

Agile (or similar) development methodologies


Knowledge of UI design, including accessibility and usability

Ideally some knowledge of back-end technologies, particularly


Apart from the technical skills detailed we require:

Detail orientated people

Extremely Passionate

Problem Solver

Push to improve every project


Remote/ Flexible working and working from Home is available for the best and brightest candidates. However candidates must be available to travel to the Birmingham area periodically. There is a competitive salary and package on offer for the right candidate so apply now to find out more.



Happy New Year( 2013) From TheIthelper

Happy New year !

Well time does fly and after nearly 2 years of working 80 hours a week with multiple plates spinning, we finally got a chance to update our blog and indeed our Portfolio section. You can view our recent projects here:
Our new years resolution is to continue to keep this blog and site up to date and actually blog about cool interesting technological developments both in our world and in the world in general.
Have a great year 

Rightmove UK v3.0 XML datafeed -latest project for a property company

Just wanted to update you on our latest Project  for a Property company.

This project is related to the Rightmove UK v3.0 datafeed.

We are building a Windows service will extract data from a property table in our database, construct a Rightmove v3.0 BLM file (delimited text file) and package this with images referenced in the table to a ZIP file and deploy to a folder ready for transport to the RightMove FTP site.

The service will be configurable on:

1. The number of packages that are created for deployment ie there may be multiple locations we wish to send the BLM+image package
2. How often and when the service runs each day.

Deliverables include:

1. Windows installer for service
2. Full instructions for use
3. Fully annotated source code and build instructions

To assist future development, C# is the preferred language, and VS 2010 the very latest version of  is being used.

Update:!!! attcahed is the documentation we produced for this service

chwet RightMove Export Service V1.0.docx (20.19 kb)

Creating a blog in your existing site that feeds into your social networks automatically.

We wanted to share our blogging software and Strategy with you..

We are doing this on a few sites for a few customers and wanted to spread the word.

What’s a blog?

Blogs mean many things to many people...

We like to think of them as news..... interesting content that people wish to read and which can be used to promote your current products and services.

In this “social networked era” it’s all about spreading the word on as many platforms as efficiently as possible.

What are we doing?

Basically we are integrating a customized blog package into existing sites to sit seamlessly in the site so it looks like part of the site.

Any articles written then automatically feed out into Facebook and other Social network sites for maximum exposure and minimum effort.

Customers using our newsletter software find that the story also feeds into their inbox and that they can optionally send out this story to their subscribers at the push of a button.

Like most of the good things in life It’s actually quite simple but quite nifty .

To see an example n check out what we have done on our site at

and our Face book  page at

Why put my blog on my existing site.. Isn’t having it on a new URL better?

A lot of people advocate having a Blog on another URL and pointing links back to your main site.. In our research and experience this is 9 times out of ten the wrong approach to take.

Indeed we are not alone..Founder of SEOmoz, a very authoritative and respected SEO blog, had this to say

 “Hosting your blog on a different domain from your primary site is one of the worst mistakes you can make. A blog on your domain can attract links, attention, publicity, trust and search rankings — by keeping the blog on a separate domain, you shoot yourself in the foot. From worst to best, your options are — Hosted (on a solution like Blogspot or WordpPress), on a unique domain (at least you can 301 it in the future), on a subdomain (these can be treated as unique from the primary domain by the engines) and as a sub-section of the primary domain (in a subfolder or page – this is the best solution).”

It appears that the overwhelming consensus among the experts in SEO is that to achieve the optimal SEO benefits from your blog, you should host it in a subdirectory rather than a subdomain.

Read more:

What else

Call us or comment on this article... This is easier to set up than you would think and we’d be happy to talk your through the process or answer any questions.